The Rockford Park District was formed in 1909 and is the third largest park and recreation system in Illinois.

Two Reasons the Rockford Park District Began:

  1. The need for quality family time to keep the family unit together
  2. To keep kids (particularly) young boys out of trouble. 


Levin Faust
Founder of the Rockford Park District

Faust was a Swedish immigrant who dreamed of living in a community where residents could enjoy places of beauty.

“A working family should be able to spend their free time in the green grass under the shadow of trees without fear of their children playing in the streets.”


Joseph Lee
Father of the Playground Movement

“Play is not a luxury but a necessity. Play for adults is recreation, the renewal of life. For children, it is growth, the gaining of life. It is not simply something that a child likes to have; it is something he must have if he is ever to grow up.”

3-Time Winner

Three times, we have been awarded the prestigious National Gold Medal Award for excellence in parks and recreation management. In addition, we are an Illinois Distinguished Accredited Agency.