Investing in your Park District is investing in your community

When people ask me what makes the Rockford Park District unique, I reply, “YOU!” Whether you enjoy one of our many parks, or stroll along the rec path, or attend events at one of our facilities, or even take in a concert at Music In the Park, there is a common theme … making memories.


Thousands of children, families, and individuals have hundreds of heartwarming stories about the Rockford Park District and how it impacts our community and the lives of our citizens. Recently, we received a handwritten letter from one of those citizens expressing her appreciation to the staff at Nature Quest camp.

“You really gave my daughters such a great summer, full of songs, new experiences, friends, and memories that I know they will never forget! I am so grateful that you have made it into their hearts because I know the mark you leave with them is for the better … they will be better people because of you!” – Kelly (a.k.a. Addison & Alyssa’s Mom)

While every story is unique, many share their appreciation to the Rockford Park District for teaching their child to swim, or thanking us for maintaining the many parks and facilities we oversee. One such story is from a grandmother thanking the Park District for giving her grandson a safe place to play at camp during the summer.

“The staff was assuring on the first day I met them and assured me my grandson would be just fine. Each time my grandson went, he enjoyed it, it was safe and fun and he was smiling when I came to pick him up.”

The Rockford Park District is 108 years old this year, and has a rich history that was built through the generosity of its citizens. Even during the recession, we’ve been able to consistently provide outstanding park and recreational offerings to our community; however, with declining revenue both through fees and declining tax base, it is becoming more difficult to provide the same level of service without an increase in revenue or a decrease in our footprint.

In order for our parks, programs, and facilities to survive and thrive through the next century, we need your help now. Your contribution will go straight to work helping the Rockford Park District do what it does best … helping people enjoy life. Investing in your Park District is investing in your community.

Enjoy Life Today!

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Lori Berkes-Nelson, CFRE
Director, Rockford Park District Foundation