The Rockford Park District improves the quality of life for citizens by providing a vibrant park system that increases property values, stimulates economic development, decreases juvenile crime, and improves our communities’ health.

The Rockford Park District also protects the environment, employs thousands of area kids for the first time, and brings the community together to enjoy life.


1) To achieve Priority Results developed by the Board of Commissioners, which tell us to:

  • PRI: Understand and meet community needs for recreation now and in the future
  • PRII: Involve residents in recreation and educate and inform them about the value of parks and recreation in their community
  • PRIII:  Collaborate and be strategic about using available assets, resources,  partnerships, and volunteers to achieve exceptional result

2) Develop 3 to 5 year plan based on community feedback regarding recreational needs which will determine areas to reinvest in, strategically add, or eliminate to meet community needs. Master Plan will guide district budget recommendations, along with Strategic and Operational Plans.